How To Make The Most Of In-Home Physiotherapy

You’re confident that you have found the right physiotherapist for your injury, and have scheduled your first appointment. So what’s next? How do you ensure that you make the most out of your home physiotherapy experience? Here are a few tips.

The Environment

Decide on the ideal spot in your home for your physical therapy session. It should be well-lit and free from hazards or clutter. Your therapist may be carrying a portable therapy table and some small workout equipment, so make sure there is enough space to accommodate this.

Be Prepared

Wear clothing that is suitable for the assessment environment. Shorts and a tee or tank top are typically enough. You may want to keep the extra-friendly pet in a separate space as well.

Your Medical History

Make the most of your time with your therapist by including a detailed and factual history of your problem. Some patients find it helpful to plan a brief point form list ahead of time. Have any relevant medical records (test reports, summary of consultant appointments, etc.) printed and ready to display your physiotherapist. Keep a list of your current medications, or at the very least have the bottles at hand.

Your Goals

Take a moment before your in-home physiotherapy session to consider what you want to accomplish with your therapist. Pressure relief and improved mobility are both good outcomes, so why do you want to feel and move better? Are you hoping to get back to a favorite pastime, such as golf? Do you have to finish painting your bedroom walls as a DIY project? Alternatively, maybe your issue prevents you from sleeping through the night and you’d like to regain your energy all through the day. Or do you prefer to be able to easily walk up and down your stairs at home? Decide how your problem is limiting you, and be ready to tell your physiotherapist.

A home workout regimen will be recommended to the majority of patients by their physical therapist. How closely you stick to your home workout routine determines how easily you reach your recovery goals. Listen closely as the exercises are shown, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any concerns. Your therapist will be grateful for your dedication to the recovery process.

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