The human body is elementary to hurt and break, especially while participating in strenuous physical activities like sports or athletics.

Physical therapists restore lost or injured functionality by clinical methods, teaching healthy habits, and reclaiming lost or damaged functionality. …

Things are changing with respect to the use of cryotherapy in acute injuries, and the way we use ice in physiotherapy practice.

Ice is an extremely hot (or rather, cool) topic in sports medicine and acute injury rehab, and for good reason. The way we treat injuries is continually changing…

In India, people are generally unaware of the opportunities available in the physiotherapy field and hence become reluctant in choosing physiotherapy as a career. Physiotherapy is the science of treating illnesses and disabilities caused by birth, trauma, or other physiological causes in the body. Physiotherapists perform assessments and treatment by…

Startoon Labs

We are bringing a new era for physiotherapy by introducing our product where you can attend physiotherapy sessions from anywhere.

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